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Learning is about caring, sharing and responding. The experiences of early years set the tone for lifelong learning. Bearing this in mind, we have designed an experiential learning curriculum exclusively for the little ones at Presidency Early Years — the best KG school in Mangalore.

The framework of our curriculum is grounded in theories of learning that encourage children to think creatively, develop problem-solving abilities and promote social-emotional skills so that they succeed in a complex and ever-changing world. Ample opportunities are provided to engage the young absorbent minds as they discover various domains of learning at our top-rated KG school in Mangalore. Presidency Early Years is part of the renowned Presidency Group of Institutions, which was established in 1976.

Why Choose Early Years?

Individualized Attention

Because each child is unique with unique needs

Holistic Development
Focusing on all aspects of learning & growth
Thematic Curriculum

Nurturing curiosity and a questioning attitude

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Language, numbers & sensory-motor skills

STEAM Approach

Fostering essential critical thinking abilities

Activity-Based Learning

Enabling faster understanding of concepts

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KG Programs


For 3-4 year-olds

KG 1

For 4-5 year-olds

KG 2

For 5-6 year-olds

Presidency Early Years


FAQs About the Best KG School in Mangalore

Children in the age group of 3-5 years can apply for our pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs.

We have a thematic curriculum that gives young learners exposure to various themes. These themes are blended together to make sense of the world in the most thoughtful and engaging manner.

Early Years is located at Pinto’s lane, Kaikamba Cross, Bejai. Check out the map below for the exact location.

The entire campus is secured with CCTV cameras. We also have a visitor management system in place.

Our Kindergarten educators are competent, committed and energetic. Regular training and workshops on pedagogy and professional development enable them to enrich the learning experience of the child.

We have a modern and inspiring Kids Play Zone and a Music & Dance Theatre on campus, among many other top-notch facilities.

Yes, we offer a transportation facility that ensures convenience for parents and the safety of the students.

The classrooms are spacious and well-ventilated, with ergonomically designed furniture, bright visuals, display boards. smartboards and an array of nursery equipment to beguile the little learners!

At Early Years, we encourage parents’ participation in their child’s education. Handbooks, parent-teacher meetings, open houses, newsletters and other planned parent engagement programmes help us communicate with our parents on a regular basis.

STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics as thresholds for guiding a child’s inquiry, triggering dialogue, and promoting critical thinking.

Yes. Fill the form below or call us at +91-7676522333 right away! Our campus has been set up to adhere to COVID-19 safety regulations and we have online classes for the students as well.