Dad & Me Activity

The event Dad and Me took place on 23rd July 2021. K1 teachers had sent an invite to the ‘fathers’ well in advance as they wanted all the Dads to participate in this event. All our ‘Dads’ attended virtually, some even from faraway places like Germany and London. The teachers had beautiful quotes, videos and poems on their screens which sent out a message of how important our Dads are to our children; and of how fondly the children love their fathers. The teachers organised quizzes, games, dressing up activity where the fathers had to dress their child as a Prince and Princess, a frame and a card making activity. All of these were enjoyed by all the Dads, and they took part enthusiastically, along with their children. The fathers spoke beautifully about their children. Some said they were stress busters, others spoke about how caring they are and some even shared how their children teach them patience. There was laughter and enjoyment right through the event which ended with the children hugging their fathers and the fathers reciprocating in the same way. The photos speak for themselves. It was a morning well spent with all the Dads and our teachers did a great job keeping them involved and entertained !